Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hastily-Painted Acrylic Sketches from TV: "24" Edition: 4:00 AM - 5:00 AM

Oh for the love of . . . between Jack's cunning disguise and this, The Worst Mascot Costume Ever, "24" is really bringing the unintentional humor. It's supposed to be a tense, dramatic moment, and here I am laughing, because Jack, FPJ, and the redshirts have formed a box with feet. It's nearly impossible for a lumbering box with feet not to be funny.
I sort of thought this was coming, when Chloe called Walker, who told her to "do what you have to do" to convince the NSA gang to do things her way. You recall Walker's methods of persuasion from earlier in the day? Not finding any angle grinders handy, Chloe pulls out a gun instead.
Toodles, Agent Owen. We knew you were dead as soon as Freddie Prinze Jr. had to help you buckle something on your uniform, hours ago.

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